May 26, 2007
10:55 PM

We went to cold stone tonight for ice cream.  We were going to take Elizabeth there last night for her birthday but time got away from us so we made the promised trip tonight.  I distinctly remember the last time I went there.  Jon was out of town and he suggested that I take the kids to get ice cream and since we had a GF and a couple of coupons, Cold Stone won.  Besided I really like it!!  :)  I remember getting there and  getting the kids all inside and thinking about how they need a couple of high chairs.  So we all ordere and the kids all got gross kinds like mint with gummy bears.  I got cheesecake with raspberries which is the best thing I have ever gotten there.  The kids wanted to eat outside but I reminded them that we couldn't because Knox would never manage to not go in the parking lot...oh yeah they say.... So we sat inside and since each table there only hold 2-3 people we took up at least 2 tables and Knox wandered around from one person to the other getting bites of their ice cream.  It was really funny and really cute. And I enjoyed watching the kids all willingly sharing their ice cream with Knoxie especially since he always slobbered.  (Anne Michal and I each had a separate spoon for him to use when he wanted some of ours...older and wiser you know...) Everyone that came in had to comment on just how cute he was and of course I could see several of them adding up the number of kids in their can always tell when people do that!  ;)  It was just a really fun evening and one of those you hate to see come to an end.

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