August 23, 2007
11:35 PM

Today has been an emotional day for Anne Michal(as the rest of us that keep up with anniversaries) and we were on the way home tonight and we were talking about making blankets for the PICU at Scott and White for them to give to their patients. Elizabeth wanted to know why we were going to do that and reminded her that Knox had been given a blanket and told her that it is important to the parents to know that their child is being loved and cared for. So Anne Michal starts in with some big sister talk....

Elizabeth, I have been to Knox's grave, and he is with all the other babies that died. They have markers on them that tell how old they were. We should be thankful that we had Knox as long as we did. There are a lot of people that only got their babies for two days. We got him for a year and a half. (Then she reverts back to the blankets) I want to show the parents at Scott and White that somone cares for their child and that Jesus loves them and he does hear their prayers.

I am not sure how I could see to drive but we made it home.

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