Austin's memories

September 1, 2007
7:58 PM

as sent to me by his mom:

Austin and I were looking at the pictures of Knox and we came across the one of Lizzy holding him under the arms and him "walking". Austin said that was one way he remembered him, because once Lizzy was holding him under the arms like that and then swinging him towards Austin saying, "Kick Austin! Kick Austin!" Knox wasn't even paying attention as he was looking in the other direction, but Austin and Lizzy were having fun together at Knox's expense.

He has another memory of Knox playing with a yellow wiffle ball. Austin said they were all playing wiffle ball in the cul-de-sac and Knox had his own wiffle ball. He would throw it down and then pick it up, throw it again and then pick it up, over and over. One time it was rolling down the street and he kept trying to pick it up but it just kept rolling. Finally, Anne Michal came to his rescue and picked it up for him and gave it to him. All the while Austin is telling me these things with a wide grin and giggles. He has sweet memories of Knox.

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