Loving Others

June 30, 2007
11:17 PM

Along the way, as we have had children and we have lived here and there and developed relationships in each of those places, we recognized how wonderful it is when people outside of our family love our children. It is nice for them to realize that someone cares about them other than their mom and dad. Of course Mommy and Daddy love them, they are family. When other people show their care about them it really ministers to their hearts. It helps them to learn how to love others in return, to have a servant's heart, and develop relationships of their own. I know many people loved Knox besides his family and for that I am very thankful. Here are some pics of him with some of the people that loved him.

The first one was taken at his first birthday celebration. He was in just a diaper because he was preparing to get really messy eating cake. Two families that we are friends with came over to help us celebrate. Here Alex was playing with Knox; he had snuck around the corner to "scare" him. You can't see Knox's face, but you see just enough to see that he was laughing uncontrollably. Thanks Alex and family for loving Knox.

Next is his favorite neighbor and babysitter Hannah.  Thanks Hannah for always being willing to babysit in a pinch and to you and your family for loving Knox.

In this picture, he is with another Hannah.  Hannah kept him  a lot in the nursery during church and during Homeschool coop.  Thanks Hannah for always being excited to see Knox (runny nose and all) and to Hannah and family for loving Knox.

You and so many others have ministered to our children and to us.

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