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September 30, 2007
11:15 PM

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The Home Has a Heart
By Thyra Ferre Bjorn

I have been reading the book above which is endearing stories of the author's life intertwined with recipes and household hints. I have loved this book and so enjoyed reading it and being taught life lessons(as well as in which month I should wash my curtains...heehee). Here are some quotes from the book:

" The home holds many different moods within its heart, and sorrow and joy interchange. One day death will knock at the door and demand that loved one who has been an essential part of our lives. Then we must not fear or tremble, but reach up and find a hand reaching down to give us strength and comfort."

"...the parting is not easy; tears will flow. But there must be no bitterness in our hearts because we sorrow not as those who have no hope. We shall meet again in a perfect world where we will never part.

But when the black angel takes our young and middle-aged at an untimely hour, how often we rebel and storm at God and demand 'Why ' We forget that God's way is not our way and His thoughts are not our thought. And who are we to ligt our voices toward the Almighty, demanding an explanation? How easily we forget that our minds are finite and that we can't understand fully the majesty and mystery of our Creator. We must learn to accept both life and death even as out hearts cry out in pain. "

Thanks Peggy for the loan!

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