August 19, 2007
2:02 AM

As you can imagine, Heaven is a big topic of conversation at our house. I have been getting asked lots of questions:

Can Knox run in heaven?

Can he swing himself in heaven?(I guess that is one of the things you can do in a perfect world?)

Does he miss us?

Can he see us?

Who drives him around? (It is ok to be tickled...I was)

Who feeds him when he is hungry?

Where does he sleep?

Does he have toys to play with?

Can he die in heaven?

Can he get sick again?

and on and on...

Some of their questions I can answer. Some I can give a good guess. Some I have no clue. People like to send me stuff to read and I like to read stuff people send me(a good combination heh?) so John put this (scroll down until you hit Joy's Eternal Increase) on his blog for me to listen to...

I listened to it tonight and there was a lot of good stuff on there. Not really very many answers to my kids questions per se but what they really want is more of an understanding of what heaven is like. They know God is there. They know they will see Jesus. They know there is no sadness or sickness. They know death is no more. So anyway, this sermon talks about how when we are in heaven joy will continue to increase, holiness will increase, knowledge will increase... you start thinking about how do we live here on Earth in light of what our life in heaven will be like..our true home. Here is something that struck a chord with me that I am going to ponder...

(this is almost a quote but not really a paraphrase...how is that for a plagarism warning...  ;)

In heaven....we will never live in fear that any heavenly joy will end. We struggle to enjoy like now for fear that it will end. The other shoe may drop, someone will pull the rug out from under us, disaster will strike...we hold back..we restrain our souls because economic disaster will start, our health may fail, someone near and dear may die, something unforseen may surprise us and take it all away but not in heaven..never...the beauty and joy and glory and delight and satisfaction and purity will never ever end but increase and grow and expand and multiply.

hmmmm....again how should we live our lives...one thing I have thought a lot about is my other children's lives. They live in the first description in the world where fear and uncertainty reign. A couple of people who have lost children have said that their older children would probably say that their childhood was not happy and that they are trying to change that for them. We are going to be forever marked by Knox's death; that is a certainty, but I don't want their grief or mine or Jon's to rob them of the ability to experience joy. One of the things that I have been praying for them with them is that God would show them some of the joy that Knox is experiencing so that they can know he is OK...more than OK...and to ease their pain and sadness.

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