1:48 AM

So I am practical...probably to a fault. Ok so I am sure it is to a fault. If you have ever taken the Meyers-Briggs personality test I am an ISTJ. That is a capital T; that is the giant T that letterman can leap with a single bound. For those that don't know, T is for thinking vs F for feeling. So now I have a new battle waging. The old thinking me wrestling with the me that now has more feelings and emotions than ever in my life. Kind of hard to handle on top of everything else.

So the practical side of me says...why sell your perfectly good house for another house that you have yet to even find.

The feeling side have to be nuts to stay where you are.

The practical side says...A house is a roof over my families' head.

The feeling side says...(*&^%^&%&^%

The practical side says...a date is just a number on a calendar just like any other day.

The feeling side says...anniversaries make for a cruddy day.

The practical side says...4 birthdays in one week...might as well get them all over with in the same horrid week.

The feeling side says...special days are tough...I have to do this 4 times in one week; you gotta be kidding.

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