A conversation with Jack

September 12, 2007
10:39 PM

Jack and I were talking today before he took his nap.  He was telling me how Knox always put his(Jack's)  cars in his mouth and why did he do that?  Then he told me how he always let Knox play with his cars(it is hard not to share when you have a bazillion  ;)  ) and how they always played cars together.  That Knox would drive them around and put them in his mouth.
He loved playing cars with Knox and Knox loved playing cars with him.  Jack also told me the other day, "I did everything with Knoxie." 

These aren't the greatest pictures but I wasn't the most consistent picture taker and I am trying to get in some variety.  ;)  They are kind of grainy and well just not that great but the two of them are driving their cars on top of a diaper box.  Knox was about 8 months old.

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