A Matt Memory

August 5, 2007
1:12 AM

I lifted this off the comments of Hannah's blog, because it made me smile so I thought it might make others smile too.

The crocbow reminds me of my favourite K-nox (I liked to pronounce a hard 'K' in his name) story--which happened to occur the last time I ever saw him on Easter Sunday.
While we were at the Dunlap's ranch, just after the egg hunt, I was making my way back up the front steps when...BAM! I didn't see the little bugger and knocked him down the steps!
It didn't hurt him--but it sure was funny watching him 'do the windmill' down the steps which sent his tiny blue crocs sailing in different directions.
As I recall, he didn't even cry; I'm pretty sure of that because, if he had, I think the Hammer of Rachel would have been forthcoming on my noggin.

Here is one of many pictures I have of him that day.

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