Cookies for Kids

June 17, 2007
11:21 AM

Yesterday was the Cookie for Kids contest that our kids had entered to help raise money for the pediatric patients at St. Josephs and Scott and White in Temple. They raised $865 total and were absolutely thrilled. Thank you everyone who donated money!! Jack and Anne Michal were both to enter a cookie eating contest but Jack chickened out so Emma was going to stand in for him but she chickened out too. So Anne Michal was the only one in the family to compete. Here are some pics from the contest. On my other blog the whole long story will be posted with a multitude of pictures from the day. Consider these a teaser.

Anticipating eating as many cookies as she can in 12 minutes.  Yikes!!

Hard at work.  She had a cup of water to help her out.

Trying to figure out how eating cookies can be such hard work.

A couple of friends and winners!!!

Right at the end it started raining and we were treated with a rainbow and reminder of hope as we drove away.

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