An Anne Michal memory

September 8, 2007
10:15 PM

This isn't really a memory specific to Knox, but Anne Michal aked me to post it; it is a memory of the 5 of them together. I had taken them to the Christmas parade. I can't remember where Jon was...anyway we were pretty much sitting by ourselves so it was clear that we were all together. In fact, it was freezing or at least we had underestimated the temperature so none of us were really dressed warm enough except maybe Knox who had a blanket to wrap around him as well as his jacket. At some point in the parade, there was a clown driving around in a mini car. He kept circling around close to use and he pointed at me and then held up his fingers one by one like he was counting until he got to 5. Then he pointed at me again kind of questionally... I guess he was asking me in clown language the same question I got all the time which is "Are all 5 of these yours?" I nodded and he smiled and off he rode. It think Anne Michal wanted me to post that because they always got a kick out of the comments people would make about our family when we were all out together. I didn't have my camera with me(for shame) so no pictures this time.

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