Missed Firsts

September 21, 2007
2:39 AM

Funny the things I think of as my mind wanders especially when I can't sleep. When the body is still and the mind inactive, that is when all the thoughts and anxieties come. I was coughing tonight and my throat was irritated, and I was thinking that a dum dum sucker might be good...nevermind that is was like 12:30. Anyway, (this is going somewhere) I was thinking how Knox never had a sucker or a popsicle. I didn't get to see him enjoy those; I am sure he would have. While I know he is feasting, I mourn that we have to miss so many firsts with him. And while there are lots bigger firsts than a sucker, sometimes it is the little things that I miss the most.

...I think one reason I was thinking about this besides my coughing fit is that I saw this picture this morning while retrieving the one below. The big kids are all picking something out of the candy bowl while Knox is watching them trying to figure out what is so great and why he has to miss out. As usual, he was in on the action as much as possible.

And I should probably thank Pat for giving him a brownie.  ;)

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