A Bolline memory

August 13, 2007
8:27 PM

Here is a memory from Kenny and Lindsey Bolline.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to know Knox except from afar so to speak. But one Sunday when he was just a little guy we randomly ended up behind you guys at church. This was back when we were hoping to start our own family. Well Knox was looking over your shoulder and being very adorable and I noticed Kenny smiling at him real big. Kenny doesn’t normally pay any attention to babies. He’s quite oblivious actually in that regard but he was really taken with Knox and he commented that he was “one cool baby”. I’m not exactly sure what makes a baby “cool” ;) but apparently Knox had it. Anyway Kenny also said that he too wanted a son very much and hoped his son would also be “cool”. It wasn’t too long after that when we found out that we were expecting. I’m not sure yet if our sons are “cool” but I think Kenny is quite pleased with them either way =-).

Thanks for sharing the fun memory!

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