Jack Ryan

June 28, 2007
12:14 AM

A friend has a quote from him on the heading of her blog(don't you love how I get all my ideas from other people's blogs? ;) ) that says that if you don't write it down then it never happened. Funny how different situations give that quote a different conotation. It is supposed to be that we want to remember things so we write them down; we all know that especially mommies tend to forget things. For me it takes on a different meaning. I wish I could write nothing of Knox's accident, nothing of his hospital stay, nothing of his death, nothing of our grief, and nothing of the grief of our friends and family and it would all be as though it didn't happen. But the fact of the matter is that even without writing those things down and recording any memories, there are things that I am never going to forget. Some I desperately wish I could forget and others I don't want to forget.

But overall, I have to be so thankful for all the good memories that we have of Knox. All the pictures that have recorded what he looked like and the things he liked to do. We don't have to worry about not remembering what he looked like and special things he did, because we have visual reminders of those things. We have a way to write and record the memories that aren't documented by photos and we have many people who loved him and have memories of him to share with us.

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