July 29, 2007
11:34 AM

On Sundays I always had some extra time with Knox. During the school year Jon goes to church around 7AM to get ready for the 8AM service, so I would get everyone up and ready for church. Then I would take the 4 older kids to Sunday School and bring Knox back home for a short nap before church. He didn't nap well at church so he would be really cranky by the time church was over if he didnt' nap first; I liked having him with me anyway. Then we would drive to church and I would talk to him and play with his feet on the way there. After church the kids would play outside in the courtyard for a while before going home. Everyone naps on Sunday afternoons or at least has some quiet time. Jon usually has meeting later in the afternoon and then led Sr high youth on Sunday night. THe big kids all had Covenant kids and Knox and I hung out together. Sometimes we stayed at church visiting and then playing with the other kids afterwards and sometimes we hung out together at home. I always enjoyed spending that extra time with him. He always made me smile!

Here is a Sunday picture.

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