LuAnn's Memory

August 27, 2007
10:27 PM

Here is a memory sent to me by LuAnn:

My fondest Knox memory is 2 or 3 times I remember standing with you either in the foyer or the kitchen visiting and watching Knox toddle around. I remember him wandering a few feet away and then looking back with that sweet little grin, then turning and dashing off. I remember your smile of delight. That's what I remember most! And that smile was what I thought of most in those first week after Knox's death. I've waited to tell you but I want you to know I will never forget those moments I spent with you and Knox-brief moments of sharing your delight in your little boy.

I see him doing that same turn and smile thing in my mind all the time. He was always doing that. Going a bit away and then turning and flashing me a grin adn then many times taking off so I would chase him. I have already posted this picture but this is a picture of him "doing his thing." Thanks Luann.

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