From Kierstyn K.

August 8, 2007
11:33 PM

Not only did she send me a memory or two but pictures as well. Not only did she send me pictures but I actually managed to save them and upload them into my xanga to share!!

The memory:

One Sunday, while we were hosting college lunches, you and I were fixing the kids lunches. The menu for this particular Sunday was hot dogs and hamburgers. I fixed Micah and Knox's plate, while you took care of the older kiddos. Before I could blink, Knox had finished his hot dog, as had Micah, and they were both ready for another. Micah likes hot dogs, but not as much as Knox did! I thought of Knox this past Saturday when we had hotdogs. Micah had three. I can only imagine how many Knox would have had! The first picture is a great illustration of Knox's love for the hot dog!
The second is how I remember Knox, in your arms.

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