Things people say

August 5, 2007
1:25 AM

I was thinking about someone I knew a long time ago. She didn't want to have any children. Her reason...there was too much pain and suffering the world. She didn't want to expose them to that. She thought it was cruel to bring a child into this world. At the time, I was young and understood the sentiment and I guess I still understand where she was coming from. . But later, I came to understand that line of thinking is wrong. For one thing biblically we are commanded to have children. Second, we have hope. I think she was forgetting that. God hasn't forgotten this is a fallen world. It isn't the Garden of Eden, but we are promised a better place. I understand better than ever that we live in a fallen world; I understand better than ever what suffering really is; I understand better than ever what real pain is. However, I still don't agree with what she said. Even though many are suffering over the death of Knox, those that really knew him are better having loved and lost him than not having had him at all. I have to believe that as painful as this is for his brother and sisters, that they are better off having had him for a brother and that going through this difficult time is going to strengthen them. And guess what...Knox isn't going to know any more suffering, but if we hadn't ever been blessed with him in the first place, eternity wouldn't exist for him!

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