An Elizabeth memory

July 25, 2007
9:01 PM

Elizabeth, Emma, and I went to Joann's today and then we were going to go to HEB(a grocery store for you nontexans). SHe says...remember that time we walked from Joann's to HEB and Knox kept trying to get off the sidewalk and you carried him, but he kept wanting you to put him down so he could walk and so you put him up on your shoulders and carried him like that. When you were carrying him he kept wanting down but on your shoulders way up high he was happy.

Yes that is how she told one breath I think. I do vaguely remember that trip. I remember thinking that it was going to take 3 times as long to walk down there and back but having one of those stop and smell the roses and take things the slow way for a change moments. Then having to walk back to Joanns and the van with groceries and all the kids and thinking that it wasn't one of the smartest things I have ever done!!

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