July 16, 2007
12:26 AM

Currently Reading
Treasures In Darkness: A Grieving Mother Shares Her Heart
By Sharon W. Betters

One of the things that I mourn is that we really didnt' get to worship with Knox in church with our family. We usually keep our kids in the nursery until they turn 2 and then bring them into church with us. OK actually not true. He went to worship with us until he became a chronic and loud babbler. Knox did go with us a couple of times when he seemed to sick for the nursery but not sick enough to stay home. I remember one time having him at a special service and he kept trying to make a break for it and run up to the front to daddy. He would ease his way slyly (or so he thought) to the edge of the aisle and then try to make a break for it only to be grabbed by me. I finally had to take him to the back of the church and same thing. He would kind of walk around and play with a plant that was there and then try to head for the front. So cute!

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