What I learned from Knox

May 27, 2007
5:10 PM

Two more:

Knox's sunny smiles and antics taught me to stop and enjoy life in the moment, to look at it through a child's eye and be delighted.

I've always thought what an especially beautiful little boy Knox was with those gorgeous, large eyes with the dark lashes, those cute chubby, kissable cheeks and whispy blonde hair. What a little charmer. How he will be missed by all.

I've learned to appreciate everyday and see God's blessings around me.

I've learned that it is possible to cry for someone you've never met.

I've learned that it is possible to pray always.

I've learned that God's grace meets us when we need it most.

I've learned that this group of women here at HK is a wonderful group of women that I am so blessed to be a part of.

I've learned to take pictures and write memories down.

I've learned to be grateful each and everyday.

Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your Knoxie with us. He was such a precious little boy!

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