Things you should know in response to comments people have made

August 20, 2007
12:39 AM

There is nothing amazing or great about me. I write the things on here that I find comforting because I think it might be comforting for others and when things are dark which is often it is good to be able to remind myself the truths and the good graces of God. Those dark times are frequent and often heavy; don't think they aren't. There are days my body feels like jello and all I want to do is cry. Days I can't think straight and nothing I do works out right because my brain isn't working right. There are days that I am just sad, sad, sad. The truth is that I am an ordinary person that had a terrible thing happen to a wonderful child that is a part of a wonderful family. I tend to write mostly of the positive things because nobody wants to be dragged down, and they help to keep me out of the pit of darkness as reminders of the hope that we have. I just thought you should know.

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