Tractor Tipping

May 10, 2007 
10:15 PM

Knox LOVED the movie Cars.  I mean REALLY LOVED it.  If he went and sat in his chair or on the floor pillow and pointed to the TV you knew that is what he wanted. One time when he was sick all he wanted to do was watch cars.  Because he was sick and cute and asked so nicely, I let him.  I think we watched in 3 time in one day.  While he was know to watch the whole thing from beginning to end, he normally would do like most toddlers and watch a while and then get up and play.  But there were certain parts that as soon as he heard them, he would come running and plop back down to watch.  The tractor tipping part was one of those.  He LOVED that part and thought it was hilarious.  He would laugh and laugh.  For those of you that have the movie, there was something about the first preview that scared him..  If we failed to skip it, he would run from the room crying.  Tonight was the first time, I have watched that first preview, and I still couldn't figure out why he was scared.  Maybe he was just scared of mice; I understand some people are(you know who you are!).  Even though you can't tell in the picture below.  He was watching Cars when I took this picture.  Notice the glazed over look on his face.

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